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The Greater Whitewater Area

The Whitewater Valley is only one of many in the Driftless.

While the Whitewater Valley holds around ~30,00 acres of conserved public land, the immediate and greater area has another ~35,000 acres that can be attached (not including the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge). In this area, the bluffs and valley continue to weave through southeast Minnesota along the mighty Upper Mississippi River. Bluffs tower up to 500 feet above the river in John A. Latsch state park (pictured above). The Richard J. Dorer Memorial State Forest continues for thousands of acres in multiple units, including in the lower Zumbro River Valley.

A full description of the lands in the greater Whitewater Area can be found between pages 22-30 of the proposal. This includes:

  • John A. Latsch State Park

  • The Richard J. Dorer Memorial State Forest & The Units

    • Snake Creek Unit​

    • Trout Valley Unit

    • Kruger Unit

    • Zumbro Bottoms Unit

    • 'Rollingstone' Unit

  • East Indian Creek & AMA

  • Rolling Prairie & West Newton Chute US ACE Lands

  • The Greenfield Township

  • The City of Kellogg

  • The City of Minneiska

  • The Communities of West Newton


A map of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial State Forest, and units which are actually owned by the state. Only those close enough to the Whitewater Valley would be included.

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