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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's talk facts.

Here, we will answer any questions you may have about the proposal. If you have a question of your own, please feel free to reach out at, or on social media!

Q: Is this a land grab?!
A: No! Eminent domain would be forbidden. This is about creating a framework for land to rewilded over a long period of time while connecting the lands we already have. In the meantime, conservation easements, rental agreements, and the countryside initiative program will allow farming and and residence to continue within the park. (See the land acquisition section for more details here).

Q: Would this restrict hunting?
A: No! That said, it may result in a reorganization of public hunting lands. National parks do not allow hunting. BUT, National Preserves do! The national park & preserve model is already in use at many parks including Denali, Great Sand Dunes, and the nation's newest national park New River Gorge. Sections of the park denoted as preserve will be open to hunting. We do not think there should be any reduction in the amount of public hunting lands from the current amount, and it would make sense for this amount to increase with greater levels of investment.

Q: Who pays for this?
A: The state of Minnesota. The state has an incentive to pay for the creation of the park, as the boost in tourism will more than cover the cost of the parks creation, and eventuall transfer of land to the National Park Service. Over time, the park will generate billions of extra dollars for the local Minnesota economy. More on this in our economic analysis.

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