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About Us

How it came about.

In order to protect the unique-to-the-world ecology and history of the Driftless Region from further development, invasive species, over-consumption, and climate change, a National Park & Preserve needs to be established. Based on current public land, the best place for this potential park is in the area of the Whitewater River Valley and surrounding Mississippi River bluffs in Southeast Minnesota. Calculations show that this can be achieved for an extraordinarily economical price which would immediately benefit the local community.

Ecologists say we need to protect 30% of land for wildlife by the year 2030 to avert ecological collapse of various areas. The Driftless is a far cry from that number, but it has to start somewhere. The funds for conservation are few and far between, but funding the effort through tourism (like with a National Park) transforms the calculus.

This proposal came about after extensive conversations with interested and knowledgeable parties over the course of many months since August 2022. Contact Sean Macaday with questions and inquiries.


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